In 1990 Franco Zani, Alberto Pasini and Andrea Bianchi had the brilliant intuition to found Stilmec 90 on the basis of their 10-year experience in the gutter sector.

The sector needs were not met by the market supply and the search for a complete range of technologically cutting-edge machines for gutter production offered by a serious and committed company was often disappointing.

Since its foundation, Stilmec 90 has always been characterised by solid corporate and personal ethics.

The willingness to supply the best available products and services with the customer as the main priority has always led the company in its gradual growth.

Thanks to the positive market reaction that has rewarded our corporate philosophy, Stilmec 90 has evolved and in 1995 it moved from the first industrial premises in Susegana – with a surface of only 800 sq m – to those in Sernaglia della Battaglia, via del Mercato with a surface of more than 2000 sq m, while developing and increasing the range of machines produced with innovative ideas and improved quality.

At present, our premises in via del Mercato host the Welding Department and a well equipped mechanical workshop, while the Design and Assembly Departments and the Management are in the new adjacent building with a covered surface of more than 5000 sq m, where a motivated and committed team works with technologically advanced equipment. 

The company is now the unchallenged leader in the Italian gutter sector and it is experiencing a constant growth in the most advanced foreign markets. It is now looking for new opportunities in the heating sector, door and window frames, control cabinets and in the machining of sheet metal in general.

Stilmec 90 stands out among its competitors in the field of machinery for sheet metal machining because of its vocation to offer high quality machines with cutting-edge technology at a fair price and its ethically irreprehensible behaviour. 

Its entire staff is committed to further strengthening the present situation.


The beginning.

Andrea Bianchi, Franco Zani and Alberto Pasini, at the opening of the first premises in Susegana.