A representative list of our customers

Stilmec 90 srl

Tel.0438 903081

Fax0438 903083

Below you will find a list of some of our main Italian and foreign customers with a short description of their companies and productions.  


All companies listed below have signed a disclaimer for the treatment of their personal data that has allowed the publication of the photos and logos provided to us as well as the direct link to their Internet sites.

If you are a customer of us and would like to be added to this page, just contact our Sales Department that will immediately start the procedures to add your company.  

Italia - Arsago Seprio - VA

Montagnoli Rino srl

Tel.+39 0331 768951

Fax+39 0331 764745

Montagnoli Rino Srl produces gutters, elbows and special made-to-measure items with any profile or shape and max length 8.50 m in galvanised sheet metal, aluminium, stainless steel and copper. It also supplies roofing accessories.

Montagnoli Rino Srl is specialised in ‘seamed’ roofs.

The company has a technical department always available to its customers that follows them from the cost estimate to the finished work.

Almost all items are produced in house. The company supports the customer and the installer with its experience gathered over the entire Italian territory in the field of gutters and roofing through the P.I.L.E. Association.

The company has a new synchronised Press Stilmec 90 VS 85 180 ton, which together with the synchronised  Roll Bending Machine VR 85 and the Cutting Line produces the items supplied to the installation teams and customers.

Italia - Lamezia Terme - CZ

Europrofil Srl

Tel.0968 209362

Fax0968 209362

EUROPROFIL S.r.l. is the evolution of Ielapi Francesco founded in 1975 for the production and installation of gutters and sheet metal items in general.

When his heirs took over the company, they turned it into an industry that serves the gutter installers at regional level.
In 2000, the company began to produce stainless-steel flues that are sold all over Italy and in some European countries thanks to the ongoing investment in technologically advanced new equipment and to its highly skilled and specialised staff. Today, Europrofil S.r.l. offers products of excellent quality to meet at best the needs of its customers, i.e. gutter installers, retailers of building materials and hardware, wholesalers and plumbers.

Its high quality is further enhanced by the new hydraulic Roll Bending Press GR by Stilmec 90.

Italy - San Giovanni Valdarno - FI

Metalli centro Italia Srl

Tel.055 953476

Fax055 951611

‘Metalli Centro Italia’ was founded in 1990 by two managers of a big company in northern Italy that had decided to shut down its subsidiary in Tuscany. Their goal was maintaining a reliable source of supply for a large number of operators in central Italy, who had been deprived of an important supplier for the bending of sheet metal used for building facades, roofing and decoration elements. Since then, the company has been developing with a growing turnover and an increasing number of customers and employees. It installed and expanded its production lines with the help of STILMEC 90 that supplied cutting lines, bending presses (VS), roll bending presses and the brand-new semiautomatic production plant for half-round gutters, while always considering the need to assist its customers above all in terms of product quality and fast deliveries.

In the light of its corporate commitment to improve its relations with the customers in terms of technical advice and design counselling and of production and delivery of materials on the ground and in the air, ‘Metalli Centro Italia’ wishes it will continue to be a good commercial partners for its customers and to this purpose, it is strengthening its production and distribution structure with further investments.

Italia - Gioia Sannitica - CE

Termotetti Tedesco snc

Tel.0823 915278

Fax0823 915546

'Termotetti Tedesco s.n.c.’ has been operating in the building sector since 1990.

The company was set up in 1990 by Messrs Tedesco Giuseppe, Imperadore Luigi and Angelo di Chello.

The passion for the building sector, the technical competence of the three partners and their serious working methods justify the excellent reputation and the appreciation due to ‘Termotetti Tedesco s.n.c.’.

It is a flexible company specialised in roofing and insulation of residential buildings with the use of special techniques and materials.

Thanks to the use of aerial work platforms and electric scaffolds, Termotetti Tedesco snc can work on high buildings and its cutting-edge machinery by STILMEC 90 srl i.e. the Bending Press KS 85 and Roll Bending Press GR 85 combined with a Cutting Line and coilers and decoilers, enable it to produce any type of gutter with any profile, thus meeting the needs of each single customer.


C.L.M. srl (In Inglese e tedesco)

C.L.M. srl has a complete range of machinery by STILMEC 90 and although it is a young company, it is enjoying rapid growth thanks to its highly skilled personnel and its owners’ deep knowledge of the sector and its problems.

Italia - Montepulciano - SI

Gefor Italia SRL di Andreini Riccardo

Tel.0578 716854

Fax0578 717246

It is an old customer of Stilmec 90 and thanks to the large number of machines it owns, i.e. Cutting Line GT 15, Bending Press KS 65 and Iron Bending Machine Zagobar, Gefor Italia is a leader on the local market. Its priorities are the customers’ satisfaction and accurate machining accompanied by short delivery time and skilled staff.

Cost estimates and visits to the building sites are free of charge to offer a service that meets the customer’s needs, while guaranteeing quality at a reasonable cost.

Italia - Ripe - AN

Biagetti S.R.L.

Tel.071 7958296

Fax071 7958023

We are a new company, whose production is based on quality and short delivery time, thanks to our modern and accurate equipment and highly experienced staff.

Our premises cover a surface of about 800 sq m: some of them host the offices but the largest part is devoted to the production.

Thanks to our machines by Stilmec 90 srl, our skilled staff can produce any type of roofing rapidly and accurately and can machine sheet metal that is 1 mm thick and 6 m long.

Thanks to the Cutting Line Stilmatic S , to the coilers and decoilers and the other machines supplied by Stilmec 90 for the subsequent processing, we guarantee short delivery time at reasonable prices.

Italy - Flumeri - AV

N.P.R. Srl

Tel.0825 443006

Fax0825 474182

N.P.R. srl is a leading company in the field of steel structural work and gutter production, with a multi-annual experience and tradition in the supply and installation of metal components and in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations.  

To keep its position, it regularly trains its staff focussing on technological innovation and on the use of the best production plants on the market like the press by STILMEC 90. It also offers technical customised solutions and produces made-to-measure items.  

All this without forgetting the old care and passion for artisan work.

Italy - Boschi S.Anna - VR

Marini F.lli snc di Marini Giuliano & C.

Tel.0442 642206

Fax0442 649371

Sito in costruzione

The ongoing evolution of the company has led Marini F.lli snc to a constant growth on the market of Verona, thus ensuring quality and professionalism to its customers with the help of the highly technological machinery supplied by Stilmec 90 srl.

By enhancing the use of computer-led processes guaranteed by the procedures by Stilmec 90, by the Bending Presses, Roll Bending Presses,  Cutting Lines, and the Curl Forming machines with double curl, Marini F.lli is now one step ahead its competitors.

More over, the new machine for punched plate that will be delivered soon strengthens the leading position of a company that is well integrated in the market of the Veneto region.

Italy - Tolmezzo - UD

LP Lattonerie Srl

Tel.0433 2159

Fax0433 2159

Site under construction

 LP Lattonerie srl has been on the market of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia for several years and thanks to a deep knowledge of the market and the constant improvement of the production machinery, it succeeded in reaching high quality standards and to combine courtesy with the guarantee of an excellent final product.

Stilmec 90 had the pleasure to be an integral part of this growth by supplying Bending Presses, Roll Bending Presses and the latest-generation Cutting Lines.

Italia - Chiusa di Pesio - CU

Nuova Edil Valle Pesio

Tel.0171 734086

Fax0171 734460

Nuova Edil Valle Pesio is well represented by its owner, Ms Marina, a frank lady that can always find immediate solutions to the everyday problems of a modern production company.

She is supported by skilled staff that likes team work and has been using machines by Stilmec 90 for a long time now for in-house production to guarantee short delivery time at reduced costs.  

The Cutting Line Stilmatic S combined with a Decoiler AS, the Bending Press KS 85 and the daily technical support together with passion for gutter production and the building sector are at your service with competence and courtesy.

Italia - Chiusa di Pesio - CU

Nuova Edil Valle Pesio

Tel.0171 734086

Fax0171 734460

Nuova Edil Valle Pesio is well represented by its owner, Ms Marina, a frank lady that can always find immediate solutions to the everyday problems of a modern production company.

She is supported by skilled staff that likes team work and has been using machines by Stilmec 90 for a long time now for in-house production to guarantee short delivery time at reduced costs.  

The Cutting Line Stilmatic S combined with a Decoiler AS, the Bending Press KS 85 and the daily technical support together with passion for gutter production and the building sector are at your service with competence and courtesy.

Italy - Castelfidardo - AN

F.P.L. Srl

Tel.071 7211023

Fax071 7211023

F.P.L. srl has been for years on the market of thin sheet metal with skills and cutting-edge technology. It offers a careful service to its customers with the best available materials and guaranteed production quality.

The use of machines by Stilmec 90 since its foundation has helped F.P.L. in its constant growth. It uses the Bending Presses, Roll Bending Presses and Cutting Lines for a production based on easy use and the reduction of management costs.

Italy - Novi Ligure - AL

Fossati Bruno

Tel.0143 744900

Fax0143 322489

Sito in costruzione

Fossati Bruno was created as a contractor’s bending centre and by using the most modern machines by Stilmec 90, it has reached a leading position on the local market in the field of gutter production.

The new  hydraulic Bending Press GS, the new hydraulic Roll Bending Press GR, the Curl forming machine ECO 8, the cutting line Stilmatic S and the Iron Bending machine Zagobar are complementary to the machines already used and improve their accuracy to guarantee high quality standards to the end user.

Italy - Jesi - AN

F.A.D. Gronde sas

Tel.0731 214775

Fax0731 214775

Sito in costruzione

This customer is particularly active on the sheet metal market.

Thanks to the wise purchase of machines by Stilmec 90, it has one of the best equipped production departments with a  hydraulic Bending Press GS, a Roll Bending Press, a Cutting Line, a Curl Forming Machine, an Iron Bending Machine, Coilers and Decoilers, etc. that render Fad Gronde a leading company in this sector.

Italy - Chiusano S.Domenico - AV

Tre Emme Stampaggi Srl

Tel.+39( 0)825 985712

Fax+39 (0)825 985713

Tre Emme Stampaggi is specialised in the production and marketing of accessories for gutter production.  


It was founded by three partners, who had already been working in this sector for years. It has reached a good position among the companies in central-southern Italy through a planned development and now it is the reference company for the users of that area.  

Its production is characterised by the accessories that have completely new construction details such as downspout brackets, supports, tie bars and strap irons.

The machinery by Stilmec 90, the Cutting Line,  Coilers and Decoilers, Shears etc. well support the work done by Tre Emme Stampaggi.

Italy - San Severo - FG

Minicucci Manufatti Metallici srl

Tel.+39 0882 337399

Fax+39 0882 336560

Minicucci Manufatti Metallici was founded on 1 January 1999 in San Severo. It offers a flexible, functional and innovative service to its customer, thanks to its ten-year long experience in the sector and knowledge of the market.  


It supplies a complete range of accessories and gutter elements for any type of installation and plants and uses technologically advanced machinery. Thanks to its specialised staff, it can offer customised solutions while guaranteeing top quality standards.

An important contribution is made by the machines by Stilmec 90 used by the company, because of the operational performances they guarantee to meet the customers’ needs.

Italy - Roma

Nova Edil Srl

Tel.+39 06 7182256

Fax+39 06 712279

NOVA EDIL was founded at the beginning of the 1980’s and covers a surface of about 5000 sq m. It combines its experience in this sector with the use of innovative materials based on cutting-edge technology.  

The company has a wide range of activities from the marketing of building materials to the production of rolled-section gutters on the spot and all operations are supported by professional technical advice.  
The company experience and commitment are made available to the customers to improve the quality of the products and services.

By purchasing a hydraulic Roll Bending Press and a Curl Forming Machine from Stilmec 90, Nova Edil is trying to expand its range of action in the gutter field.

Italy - Rende - CS

Profilgronda Srl

Tel.0984 837568

Fax0984 402033

Profilgronda s.r.l. has been operating in the gutter field since 1980 and precisely in the machining of copper, stainless-steel, aluminium, galvanised and pre-coated rolled sections.  


It offers a privileged service with products made with cutting-edge production systems and certified raw materials with fast and punctual delivery all over Italy.  

The company has extended its range of products through research and with the application of advanced technology to be up to the customers’ expectations. It has a quality management system certified ISO 9001:2000.

It ranks among the oldest customers of Stilmec 90 and it is still using a complete range of machines including Bending Presses, Roll Bending Presses, Cutting Lines and Curl forming machines.

Italy - Matera

Giasi Lattoneria di Giuseppe e Annunziata Giasi snc

Tel.0835 310167

Fax0835 310167

Sito in costruzione

A young company experiencing exponential growth.

In addition to the gutters, it produces materials for the heating sector and for suction equipment.

It has recently purchased a new Bending Press with electronic control and Touch Screen by Stilmec 90, thus increasing its production and turnover.

We congratulate on you for what you have done until now and our best wishes for the future.

USA - Erie - PA - Pennsylvania

World Gutter Systems Inc.

Tel.+1 (814) 4557430

Fax+1 814 4648838

In the USA, the first Italian-style bending centre has started the production of copper gutters. 


W.G.S.  is the main American operator with distribution centres of technical articles for gutter productions and copper elements in various States of the Union. It has recently installed a new automatic plant in Pennsylvania that was especially constructed by STILMEC 90 for the production of round gutters with different widths and curls with diameter 18 and 20 mm.

The entire production process is automatically managed by our production programmes "Metodo", in a simple and intuitive way.

STILMEC 90 is proud to contribute to spreading the Italian technology and style all over the world.

Turchia - Izmir

Orjinalstor Ltd.Sti.

Tel.+90 232 4619100

Fax+90 232 4869134

One of the biggest Turkish producers of aluminium materials (doors, windows, roller shutters, etc.) has recognised once again the value of the Italian technology by Stilmec 90 and has purchased a last-generation Roll Bending Machine GR with a touch screen numeric control, to obtain curves keeping their shapes over time and remain a leader in this sector.

Another star has joined Stillmec 90 sky and we cannot but be proud of this.

Romania - Buzau


Tel.+40 (238) 710282

Fax+40 (238) 710021

A Rumanian company rapidly increasing its market share.

Aqua System is a company specializing in the design, construction and installation of structural steel sheet and PVC curtain walls and systems of coverage.

It has excellent references also on the Italian market and at present it uses Bending Presses and Roll Bending Presses purchased from Stilmec 90.

Germany - Braunsbedra

Schweiker GMBH & CO. KG

Tel.0049 34633 3480

Fax0049 34633 34810

One of the biggest producers of doors, windows and boxes for aluminium roller shutters has chosen the Italian quality of Stilmec 90 for the Roll Bending Presses.


Thanks to the construction technology and the programmes “Metodo" for dedicated production management, Stilmec 90 guarantees top quality in Europe.

Slovenia - Celje

Kozovinc d.o.o.

Tel.+386 (3) 4928223

Fax+386 (3) 4928224

A country enjoying constant growth needs technologically advanced machines and enterprises that take the opportunity of commercial expansion to become leading companies in the country.

Thanks to the Roll Bending Press by Stilmec 90, Kozovinc d.o.o. has rightly reached this objective and is looking positively to the future.

Turchia - Istanbul

ASAS Alüminyum Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.

Tel.+90 (216) 6800780

Fax+90 (216) 6800781

Asas group is one of the strongest and firmest business in Turckey, specialized in aluminiun working for different branches. Its aim is providing top quality products with an innovative design and the best functionality. For this reason it has chosen to instal in its modern plant the rolling press by Stilmec 90 in order to produce the rolling shutter boxes.

Kuwait - Southern Sabhan

ALUSOL Rolling Shutters Industries

Tel.+965 4751112

Fax+965 4751110

Aluminium rolling shutters and doors manufacturer.

Tre great investments made for the purchase of the last generation machinery and equipment (above them our rolling press GR 65 AP) and the utilization of top quality raw materials let it become a leading company in its branch of the wohe Gulf Region.