Optional features


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raisable rear table

Raisable rear table, motorised millimetre positioning.

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Touch Release

Special interlocking for sheet metal holding. It enables the operators to release the material immediately after laying it on the ledge, when making a profile.

Support table

Front support table adjustable in height, travel 300 mm, length 6000 mm, with wheels.

TS 680 GR

TS 9003 Controller

NC model TS 9003 managed by our software running on a Windows platform with videographics that can be installed on the entire range of our machines and can be networked with the office PCs. It can be installed on all our machines and be networked with the office PCs. It is compatible with our management software ‘Bending Metodo’ and ‘Building Site Metodo”. It is an optional feature for the GS series and a standard feature for the KS and VS series.