Basic Seaming Course 2008

20.05.2008 15:59

Stilmec 90 is organising the Basic Course 2008 about seamed roofs. Roof Master Andreas Hausherr will hold the course and he will use last-generation materials and a life-size structure for practical training.

The course will take place in the headquarters of Stilmec 90 on 18 and 19 March 2008 with a limited number of participants. We therefore invite all those who are interested in it to contact our secretariat that can already provide all necessary information and the registration forms.  

The course is addressed to the gutter producers who want to improve their knowledge about the modern techniques for the production and installation of seamed roofs, with special care devoted to the material and finishes.  

A certificate of attendance will be issued that will enable the participants to demonstrate to their customers that the quality of their work is certified, thus increasing their possibilities to work in a market that is increasingly looking for quality.