What a line… this weekend

02.10.2008 16:10

On 1 and 2 August at our headquarters in Via Colombera 13/A in Sernaglia, the Cutting Line GT 25 is available for a demo. It ranks among the best performing machines by Stilmec 90 srl with top technical characteristics and very high productivity.  
The line is made up of a drifting unit, a straightening unit with seven rollers, a drifting unit, a longitudinal cutting unit with 4 blades, minimum stripe width of 100 mm, electronic scoring and shears.
The available thickness ranges between 4/10 and 25/10 (R=42 kg/mm2), with adjustable production speed from 0 to 55 m/min and usable width 1500 mm.
The cutting line that was missing in your factory is here, ready for being tested. Come and visit us and you will personally see the productivity and easy use of our Cutting Line GT 25.
Another best seller of our range of machines will be tested too: the Roll Bending Press VR 85 Synchro with length 10500 mm and usable thickness up to 2 mm thanks to its 105 ton thrust.  
We will take the opportunity to drink a glass of Prosecco together.