We are in .. Focus ...

02.10.2008 16:18

You will find an excellent article on the brilliant present situation of STILMEC 90 in issue no. 44/2008 of the Italian magazine LATTONERIA at page 50 – the Focus area - which is devoted to the outstanding companies.

It is an acknowledgment of our willingness to grow and be a leading company in the production of gutter machines.

"The profile of a company that offers a complete and highly performing range of solutions thanks to ongoing research aiming at product innovation. And the results are actually error-proof."

Our entire range of machines is presented with the clear intention to … make you visit our headquarters either because you need a machine or simply out of curiosity, to understand why we have become leaders in the market of gutter production machinery.  

For example, look at our new Synchronised Roll Bending Press VR: what absolutely innovative characteristics it has!

Our invitation is open to all our visitors.  
Come and touch with your hands the friendliness and technology by Stilmec 90.